Gerald Brom

Gerald Brom is a fantasy artist that has a knack for for creating pictures that are Gothic based.

Born in Albany Georgia, Brom became known by his second name only.

As a child who’s dad was in the military. He usually went to where his dad was posted including Germany and Japan.

He cites many different artists as his inspiration including Norman Rockwell.

He started doing artwork professionally at the age of twenty by doing commissioned art work for major companies. The company he worked for was TSR bringing to life a lot of their most fascinating creations.

He created some of the artwork for board games, computer game, novels and card games, Magic: The Gathering being one of the best noted. Other card games that he has been commissioned to work on are Heresy: Kingdom Come from the last Unicorn game. He has also made artwork for many comic books

He also works on freelance paintings and also does artwork for video games.

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Notorious convicts who turned to art in prison

Art that has been created by convicts.

There are some interesting examples of art work that have been created by people that are behind bars. In this article I am going to focus in on some examples of artists that have discovered some creative talents while serving time.

Charles Bronson

The first that I have focused in on is the British convicted felon known as Charles Bronson. Not to be confused with the actor. Known as the most notorious prisoner in Britain, he has spent most of his adult life in prisons.

His story in the prison system is somewhat tragic in the sense that when he was originally incarcerated it was only for a short amount of time. However he began to absorb the the attitudes of the other inmates and he became much more violent.

While in prison he began to create artwork and has since been seen as an outsider artist. His work focuses very heavily on the effects that prison has inflicted upon him. He often says that Salvador-Dalie is one of his main influences.

Some of the artworks that he has created are entitled: Reach up and Kiss the Sky, Thumbwar and the Birdman.

charles bronson art - Google Search.clipular (1) charles bronson art - Google Search.clipular (2) charles bronson art - Google Search.clipular (3) charles bronson art - Google Search.clipular

Learn more about Charles Bronson’s art here. 

Mark Chopper Reid

Mark Chopper Reid was considered to be Australia’s most famous and at the same the most informis criminal. His reputation is that he is considered to be a modern day Ned Kelly. He became became more notorious through out Melbourne Gangland.

He was convicted of a string of offences and sent to prison.

He had some eclectic forms of art that is often described as post modernistic. One of his art work pieces is the Banker, The Bully and The Boss.

He did possess some creative talents in literature.

During his later years he wrote books the best known is that entitled Pulp Faction and a children s book that was banned called Hooky the Cripple.

chopper read art - Google Search.clipular ‘Chopper’ featuring Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read and Kelvin Hawley - White Canvas - Gallery.clipular (1)‘Chopper’ featuring Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read and Kelvin Hawley - White Canvas - Gallery.clipular

See more of Chopper Read’s art work here.

Charles Manson

The most notorious of artists behind bars at this moment, Charles Manson has carved out a reputation as one of the most gruesome criminals currently serving time.

He does have an artistic streak in the sense that he makes songs. His songs take on a myriad of subjects that are hard to pigeon hole. Many of these albums were recorded before he committed his heinous crimes. They include the titles such as Lie: Love and the Terror Cult and The Family Jams.

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy was responsible for sexually assaulting and killing 33 boys and was executed in 1994. While in prison he created many images of clowns. He also painted Native Americans.

Red Cloud by John Wayne Gacy.clipular Rainbow the Clown by John Wayne Gacy.clipular Bubbles the Clown by John Wayne Gacy.clipularHi Ho by John Wayne Gacy.clipular

See more of John Wayne Gacy’s art here. 

Keith Hunter Jesperson

Convicted of killing eight women ( he later confessed to killing up to 160) Jesperson created child like pictures while serving time.

Psychos R Us - Keith Hunter Jesperson Artwork.clipular (1) Psychos R Us - Keith Hunter Jesperson Artwork.clipular (2) Psychos R Us - Keith Hunter Jesperson Artwork.clipular

See more of Keith Hunter Jesperson’s artwork here. 

Richart Ramirez

Also known as the night stalker, Richard while in prison created some undeniable disturbing pictures.

Richard Ramirez Became An Artist In Prison, And His Work Is Disturbing.clipular Richard Ramirez Became An Artist In Prison, And His Work Is Disturbing.clipular (1) richard ramirez art - Google Search.clipular

See more of Richard Ramirez art work here. 

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Spirit lion, how to create spirit art

I started creating a spirit lion using stencils, paint spray and acrylic art. Here are some more mythical animals created using stencils and spray paint. image

The way that I created this painting is really quite simple. All one has to do is follow these simple steps:      The first step is to get a canvas of any size. Next completely cover it with licorice black aqcrilic paint. The next step is to let it dry (give about two to three hours to allow a complete drying.

The next step is to focus on the stenciled character. In this case I have used a lion creature. This process is acheived by drawing out a character on a piece of paper (any paper is suitable) and the more details that are applied the better the picture is going to look. After which it is time to cut out the figure out and we are now left with the cut out copy of the character.  It is highlly recommemnded that one must use blue tack to keep the stenciled charter down for the next step:

Use a spray can ofd fast drying spay paint. The next action should be taklen with caution as the spray can have some effects on the senses. Take a deep breath and spray the canvas untill it is completely covered with the spary paint. Remember do not inhale the fumes. Wait for an hour as the effects of the fumes can be pungent.

Next step is take a role of sticky tape and cut into many different stripsand as i9s seen in the picture alighn the tape in the same manner as a ray of sunshine. Take this now tape alighend picture back out side and repeat the spray process. Once again wait tell the fumes are at a less stronger level.

Next take off the character and the sticky tape and as is revealed is the lion character with maultiple stripes going diagnally in the back ground.

The next step is the application of acrilic paint. Grab a wide assortment of accrilic colour and put them onto a disposable cardboard sheet. Also use a multiple number of cotton swabs. These are crucial to the beed formations that are seen on the picture. Firstlly use tghe swabs and gentlly dip them in the paintsand follow the lines and contour of each row of sunshine and the lion creature. Remmember to always use a different pattern on the creature so as to make it stand out. this is vital especially with the head.


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Bushongu mythology

The bushongu are a tribe in the congo that live near the rivers. Thjey worship a god reffered to as bumba who dwells in a world completely surronded by warter. He is said to appear as a man in white colour . In the creation myth it is said thjat he spead forth the sun, moon, earth, plants and animals.

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Egyptian Myths and legends

There are a vast array of Egyptian myths and legends are based on magneficent myths. The primary God is Ra who used his power to create the Egyptian world. He is also the sun god. The creator of Egypt is the sun god Osris.

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Caribbean Myths

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West African Myths

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